The Happiest Man in the Soviet


This 1934 classic from the Soviet Union follows the life Gorf Vindervinder, a happy chocolate salesman, who travels from town to town in Siberia selling his chocolates. He is suddenly thrust into the spotlight when he is named USSR’S HAPPIEST MAN, and he starts in a stage show where he make chocolates. In an ironic twist, he becomes less happy when he learns that the chocolates he has been making on stage are left uneaten. In the end, he begs the government to be insignificant and “a happy unknown man.” He is given his wish by The King of Russia (who is magical) and the entire movie rewinds to the beginning where Gorf is just an unknown chocolate salesman. But, then, he is named USSR’S HAPPIEST MAN and we see that he is destined to be in this loop forever.

We aren’t sure of the message here.